Friday, August 3, 2007

Meeting the Land

Our first visit to the land was uneventful. It was a lovely sunny day. Robert and I walked the land with my brother Bobby, as we discussed investing in land together. But the whole thing still seemed completely out of reach.

Our second visit to the land was different. It was July 4th and we were celebrating with my parents, brother Bobby and our children. The conversation was casual. We mentioned the land. The next thing I knew we were all in a small caravan driving out to the country. Oddly enough, it started pouring down rain as we drove. Not a light gentle rain - an absolute down pour! I knew in my heart there was purpose in the rain, although I wasn't sure what it was. I thought the rain might cause us to abort the visit and perhaps abort the possibility. Not so. We all climbed out of our cars and somehow had enough umbrella's - except for the children who couldn't stand still long enough to consider an umbrella. The rain continued to pour.

Four of our five children, Sophia, Lily Anna, Isaac and even our oldest, Noel (21) spread out their arms and twirled in the rain. All of them together. Soaking in the warm rain, the greenness of the forest and the hope and possibility that floated in the air.

The children took off ahead of us toward the first hill that stretches down toward the pond and to everyones surprise and joy, they startled a family of deer. Two fawns darted from the woods just ahead of us and ran down the driveway and disappeared into the forest again. It was perfect.

Somehow the land was beautifully surreal - especially in the rain.

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