Friday, October 19, 2007

Camping with Friends

Gosh, I haven't posted in a while. Mostly because we have been so very busy at home and with freelance work, that we haven't gone out to the land much. Also, the housing market is in such an ugly slump that the house we are hoping to sell, which will free up funds for building on the land, has not been showing. There are only so many trees we can cut down before we will need money to make serious progress toward building. I guess you could say we are on hold for now. But I am in no hurry. It's an adventure none the less. The land is beautiful. And we are still cutting down trees!

On Saturday, October 6th, we had an impromptu camping night at the land with our friends Becky, Moriah and Michaela. The kids and I stayed up until around 2 am. We took a couple of late night walks through the woods with flash lights and the kids scared each other (and me) a couple of times. A good scare can be fun. We saw at least 10 shooting stars and we just stared at the sky for a long time. It was lovely. We tried to make S'mores around our camp fire but our two, large Hershey chocolate bars mysteriously disappeared! We didn't even find them in the daylight of the next morning. Hmmmm? Some critter must have carried them off.

Love you Bales family!!!