Friday, August 3, 2007

The Land

We've talked about buying land, moving out to the country and renovating a barn for many years. Our friends and family have heard our plans. They know our hearts. But I was still surprised when a friend, Erin, remembered specifically my desire for "land with a barn". She sent me an email that contained an ad from the Oldham Marketplace that said, "19.542 acres and a pole barn". Those few words hit the nail on the head. (This "pole barn" is actually a 1200 sq. ft. metal building with electricity, city water and a full bath - which my brother Bobby will renovate into his house. Its not exactly the kind of pole barn that Robert and I were looking for, but its perfect for my brother. So, our plans have changed from renovating an old barn to building a new one!)

I still didn't feel ready. Financially we've never really had enough money to buy the land. We've invested in so many other things, like a large family and an international adoption. We've sacrificed financially so that I could stay home with our children, and home-school them. In an attempt to follow the Lord's heart in all things we have made other financial sacrifices as well. And then there are the financial mistakes. There have been some big ones. And it seems that this is the area where we are slowest to learn.

None the less, when God is ready to fund a dream - He does it.

With incredible help and support from my parents and by investing together with my older brother Bobby, we were able to make an offer for the beautiful 20 acres on Dawkins Lane. We are presently waiting to close. I want to believe with all my heart that its real, but I am keeping the entire dream a safe distance from my heart. When we actually close on the land I will wrap my heart and mind and imagination around it.


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