Sunday, August 26, 2007

Expect something wonderful - then look for it.

I've had this sweet children's online Bible bookmarked on my computer for awhile now. The very funny commentary and illustrations are by Paul Dallgas - Frey. He has such a lovely light-hearted view of God's world. I recently clicked a couple of extra links to find an online journal about his life. Again, very funny stuff with unique insight - not to mention stories about his FIVE adopted children from South America. So I was reading through some of his funny stories, allowing my spirit to be encouraged along the way and "bam", I was hit by one of those revelation moments. I read a truth so simple - yet so profound... "Expect something wonderful... then look for it."

I was immediately brought back to my previous blog post and my comments about being vulnerable and the fear of falling on my face... when in reality I know God is in control. He will not let me fall on my face, (well actually He might - but He will also pick me up real fast) and in the end God's plan will prevail and we will have victory. Some incredible journey. A testimony to God's faithfulness. Success according to God's will.

So let me go on the record as not being afraid to fall on my face, but rather, as expecting something wonderful. (Here's an excerpt from Paul Dallgas - Frey's "Wonderful Things" journal entry...

"Why do I always expect the worst?

It really belies my profession as a Christian. What do I think, that God takes great delight in messing things up for his creatures, as if we are so many ants in an ant farm, and God is this mean spirited kid poking sticks inside, constantly collapsing our tunnels?

Is that how God wants us to experience life? Just one catastrophe after another? Is that what he had in mind when he created the world?

I don't think so.

And I as I thought about it, I asked myself this.

Instead of expecting the worst...

Why not expect something wonderful instead?

Expect something wonderful - and then look for it.

Because, the truth is, God is in charge here. He loves us. And this is a wonderful world he has made."

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tb.lecompte said...

Robin, you're right! Remember the Muslim woman that stayed with us. We loved her and tried to explain a God of love to her, but I never truly believed that there was a power great enough to change her heart....She was a Muslim....deep in my heart, I couldn't believe that God would really change her heart. Well, last week during our church service, I was talking to her on Yahoo, live, and she was saved. Right there, before my eyes, she typed.."I believe"! God is Great!!! I should have expected something wonderful! That God is great enough to do wonderful things in this world, and in the lives of people. My faith has grown!!

Love, Bonnie