Sunday, August 5, 2007

Insight and Wisdom

We've been doing a lot of research into what and how we might build. My dream has always been a gambrel style barn-like post and beam house-studio. In addition to investigating costs and building possibilities we are also talking to our friends and family, hoping to glean from their experiences and knowledge. My Uncle Chuck and his wife, Marianne, came out first and walked the land with us. Chuck's a surveyor, but more importantly he built his own house. Years ago he and Marianne dissembled an old log cabin and reassembled it with their own hands, on their land. It was so good to have them walk the land with us. We looked closely at the possible building site for our house. We discussed what trees can stay and what trees will be cleared. We discussed the placement of the septic tank and other details. Their visit was very helpful and enjoyable.

This week we are meeting with our dear friends Lonnie and Connie. They have experience building houses and other buildings - even restaurants. Lonnie has offered to share with us all he knows about building a house. He has even offered to share some building equipment with us - a back hoe / front loader - and help us clear for the footer. More importantly, Lonnie has offered to be there beside us with his tool-belt on as often as he can. Just knowing we have Lonnie and Connie's support in this adventure gives us confidence.

After I get my basic drawings for the house plans finished, we will sit down with my brother Richard and his wife. They recently finished building a lake house and did much of the work themselves, but more importantly, Richard is an architect. I expect his knowledge and insight will be incredibly helpful. I am so looking forward to sharing our ideas with them.

And so the "barn raising" begins. Good family and good friends. We are very thankful.


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