Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dream Documentary...

I know my family does some crazy stuff, but I heard about this guy, Josh Golder, who made a documentery a few years ago called "True Guts" and he is now making a new film called "Dream". He lives in Boston, but he was in Louisville a few weeks ago to interview people with big dreams - to participate in his movie. I missed the local interview but I was curious so I went to his web site and found that you could submit your dream by email. I did it. I sent an email.

I told about our dream to build the "Art Barn" in the country, doing most of the work ourselves - with limited funds and no mortgage and... Oh my gosh! Josh Golder called me today. He wants to follow our dream for the documentary! (Along with 14 other people from the Louisville area.)

I don't know if I am excited about it or feeling really vulnerable and a little bit out of my mind. Every time we take a risk in life... there is that possibility for success and a possibility for failure. I guess I could end up falling on my face... on film!

I talked to my husband. We're going to participate. Yikes! Filming for the Louisville participants starts next Tuesday! I'm sure God will allow us to be a testimony for Him in this... even when the process is difficult. Maybe thats the whole point...

He shines... especially when the process is difficult.

In case you're curious, here's the web site for the documentary "Dream".

God is good.

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