Saturday, April 3, 2010

Building the Wedding Gazebo

Noel and Danny will be married this June 5th, 2010, on our property, but first we need to move some more trees, remove a lot of stumps and brush, level some ground and build a gazebo. We really only got started a few weeks ago, with the weather getting warmer. Here are some photos to show our progress.

We've taken down several large, old, dead trees and a few trees that were in the way, but we've been very thoughtful about downing trees. We love our trees.

Watching a grown man down a tree with a chain saw is like watching a little boy with a new toy, only with a lot more testosterone. Taking down trees is manly. Argh!

This is Danny, Noel's fiance. He's so strong!

And the big old dead trees falls!

Good job Dan!

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