Sunday, July 20, 2008

Are we farmers now?

We bought us a tractor. Does that make us farmers?

It's a beautifully restored 1958 International Harvester Farmall model 330 Utility Tractor, which Sophia appropriately named "Big Red". It came with a grader blade, middle buster plow and a bush hog.

Oh my gosh, we own a bush hog!

Unloading Big RedIsn't he beautiful? (Well, both of them.)What could be more fun?Antique ad: International Harvester. (Great heading: "He Drives a Weapon!")
Just an old photo I found online.Farmer Rob


Gabrielle said...

Love it! Can't wait to see you guys on your land!

clifton roth said...

this is fabulous...if you need help driving it, i hear that coury deeb is a pretty strong tractor driver. (this comment is only funny if you know about his recent side job).

sean f said...

now all i gotta ask is, can we borrow it sometime? i mean, once we get our hart county property sold and our oldham/henry county property bought.