Sunday, March 30, 2008

Is it really Spring?

We had our first big day at the land after a long, cold winter. We had expected it to be sunny and nearly 60 degrees. We got cold, gray, over-cast and windy. Yikes! We had fun anyway. We walked off the building site for a shed, barn-studio and a house (again). We changed things and we remarked them with orange tape. We used the four-wheeler to haul large dead trees from the winter forest and built two huge bonfires, which burned until 3 am under the watchful eye of Robert, our three oldest children and six of their friends - who played guitar and sang silly songs around the fire and then played "Capture the Flag" with glow sticks in the very dark woods. A very blessed time! Thank you Jesus.

Marshmallow or snowball? A very cold Spring day.
A new camp site and a warm barrel fire.
Isaac stuck in the mud - never failing to amuse us all.
Uncle Bobby pulling Isaac out of the mud - no kidding - he was really stuck!
Sophia digging a hole. What could be more fun?